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Human Machine Interface (HMI)


Trindera provides consulting for development of machines handling material production. Development of the systems includes a modular approach to building systems. Each machine is a separate entity designed to fit within a standardized structure to build a flexible line based on the customer’s end needs. The separate modules typically consist of roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, cross conveyors, ball belt rotators, doublers, robots, stackers, binding sheet placers, dunnage placements, and bundle breakers. 

The user interface is standardized and used for all systems but can be configured with menus at runtime to be customized for each unique line. The user interface is also designed to have minimal need for text to avoid the cost of expensive language translations when sold to non-English speaking countries

Controls Software Highlights: 

  • Utilize Siemens hardware including IM-151, S7-300, S7-1200, and S7-1500 processors as well as Siemens ComfortPanel touchscreens and G120 and S120 VFD’s
  • Utilize Step 7, Starter, Scout, and TIA Portal development software
  • Utilize Pilz Safety controllers, Nord VFD’s
  • Interface with GE Fanuc robot

Market Sector: Automation, Industrial, Mining, Municipal

Services Provided: Automation Services, Electrical Systems, Control Systems