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Spokane Street Lighting at the Grand Hotel

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Trindera worked directly with the City of Spokane to implement new street lighting standards for the city. This project included the creative implementation of the new standards at The Grand Hotel in the heart of downtown Spokane where Trindera worked with the city surrounding property owners on the replacement of the existing signal poles and revision of related infrastructure.

Trindera transfered the existing electrical services for the signal and lighting into separate new cabinets from their single, dual-sided cabinet to plan for future expansion and city development. New LED street/pedestrian lighting that are companion to the lighting standards currently in front of the Spokane Convention Center on Spokane Falls Boulevard were installed during this project. Additionally the project accounted for lighting calculations to anticipate light levels without the benefit of both sides of the street having new standards installed.

Project Highlights:

  • Integration of the hotel’s water irrigation system to the tree wells and drip water lines that ran up the new lighting poles
  • Removal of existing lighting standards
  • Separation of power centers for lighting and signals
  • Street Lighting
  • Festival Lighting
  • LED Lighting

Market Sector: Commercial

Services Provided: Electrical Systems, Lighting

Location: Spokane, Washington