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Horizontal Heat Treatment Furnace


Our client was an industrial facility that expanded their horizontal heat treat furnace from a 9 section batch furnace to a 12 section continuous furnace. Trindera designed the electrical and controls installation details for all new equipment, instruments, lighting, and receptacles as well as relocation of load tables. Trindera provided construction drawings, schedules, and specifications for electrical installation.

The success of this project led to a follow up contract when the client was ready to expand an additional horizontal heat treat furnace from a batch furnace of 3 heat zones to a continuous process furnace of 15 zones. This 12 zone expansion provided challenges in terms of limited routing space as well as medium voltage protection schemes and high resistance grounding. Trindera was proud to work with the client to provide the best design solution for their application. 

Markets: Industrial, Automation

Services: Electrical Systems, Control Systems, Lighting, Automation Services

Location: Spokane Valley, Washington