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Sawmill 1200 HP Chipper Installation


Trindera worked with a sawmill client to provide the design for the installation of a 1200 horsepower chipper to increase the efficiency of the mill and provide quality woodchips to a local paper mill. The project was conducted in three phases. 

During the preliminary design phase, Trindera engineers provided assistance in deciding machine voltage level, utility power requirements, major component locations, chipper manufacturer selection, and electrical space requirements. 

The detailed design work incorporated design of the feeder types, sizes, and routing, E-house building electrical design, control interlocks for conveyors to and from chipper. Trindera produced bid documents in sufficient detail for contractors to competitively bid the installation work while providing a design that minimized overall cost.

Trindera additionally produced one set of construction documents based on the selected supplier of the new chipper. The design work was completed under budget and as a result Trindera was able to provide an increase in scope for an ETAP system model, arc-flash analysis, and equipment arc-flash labels with no addition to the design fee. Our team also provided construction support services and start up assistance.

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