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Oil Sands Project 2

Conveyor Oil Sands 2

Trindera is your trusted resource for innovative electrical solutions in the mining and material handling industry. For this featured project, Trindera provided full electrical, controls and instrumentation engineering, for the supply, installation and commissioning support services for two surge bin feed conveyors and one surge bin facility with two apron feeders. 

Services and technologies provided: 

  • Engineering and design including all models, calculations, studies and deliverables
  • Programming for all PLC's and HMI systems
  • Procurement (including Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) if applicable) for each of the following:
    • Medium voltage motors 
    • E-Houses including supply and installation of auxiliaries, HVAC, fire protection system, equipment integration of free issued equipment including FAT
    • Medium voltage switchgear and medium voltage MCC's
    • Power distribution transformers and grounding resistors including protection and monitoring
    • Medium voltage VFD's, 18pulse drives and integral phase shifting transformers
    • Low voltage switchgear and low voltage MCC's
    • PLC system including PLC control panels, panel mounted HMI's, marshalling panels, engineering workstation and associated hardware and software
    • Local control stations (LCS's), junction boxes (J-boxes) and terminal boxes (T-boxes)
    • Instrumentation, control components, and field devices
      • Pull cord switches
      • Belt alignment indicators
      • Speed sensors (encoders)
      • Level sensors
      • Horns/beacons
      • RTD's with wells
  • Miscellaneous low voltage systems including CCTV cameras, and the following for each E-House
      • Fire alarm system
      • HVAC control panel
      • Low voltage transformers
      • Low voltage panelboards
      • UPS system
      • 125Volt DC battery system
      • Fiber optic panels (PFO) and network switches
      • Lighting systems, including the required area lighting at the surge bin conveyorsand surge bin
      • Cable, cable tray and cable connectors
      • Electrical bulk material
  • On-site erection supervision, QC/QA, and EHS
  • On-site pre-commissioning, commissioning and performance tests

Market Sector: Mining

Services Provided: Electrical SystemsControl SystemsLighting and Special SystemsAutomation Services, Project Services

Location: Alberta, Canada